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Re-design for a comfortable life


Del Rocio Design is a Small, Female-Owned Business based out of North Carolina

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-Who Ruth is-
Ruth Del Rocio is a Colombian-American woman who is dedicated to ensuring that our surroundings are as peaceful, luxurious, and comfortable as possible, while still remaining practical for her clients’ lifestyle. 

Let’s get to know her further:

I love design because it brings a comfort to the person who I am helping to design for. 

and why she loves design. 

-Experiences: Work/Film,
I have worked with a number of different clients. My journey in designing sets and interior design for film production started in 2011. I have designed the interiors of spaces being used in short films a handful of times. Designing for the camera is very different than designing a space you will live in everyday. But this skill has helped to accentuate my talent in a way that brings a uniqueness to the spaces I decorate. 
-Apartments in New York on an ultra-low budget, and apartments in Los Angeles with a low budget have proven to me that I can design different types of spaces that ultimately keep the client in mind, as well as are practical to live in- regardless of space.
and her passion for interior design.
Homes I’ve owned, renovated, designed, and sold, have shown that my intuition when it comes to interior design- and the choices I’ve made within designing, can increase the value of the space. I know how much work goes into renovation, DIY projects, and even just putting furniture back together. Because of this, I understand the client and do my best to fulfill their needs. My solutions keep your abilities in mind.

-Where she comes from. 

More about Ruth:

-Where she’s traveled.
Colombia, Spain, France, England, India, Belgium, Peru, Italy, Greece, Portugal, 
-Why she believes design is important.
I believe design is so important because if informs and reflects the mental health and wellness of whoever enters and especially lives within the given space. If you feel that you are surrounded by beauty, you tend to feel better about yourself, and that comfort leads to you taking better care of your surroundings and yourself. 
-Her life, recently. 
Ruth recently has become a vacation rental investor. To ensure that her investment is worthwhile, Ruth took the time out of her busy schedule to do the interior design for her space herself. Because of this, spaces surrounding her investment see her as competition, and have also raised their own stakes by re-designing their own spaces to reflect their desire to beat her. HOWEVER, Ruth’s style continues to go unmatched, and her clients can tell the amount of passion, hardwork, and dedication Ruth has towards ensuring that their vacations are as comfortable and luxurious as can be. Ruth is dedicated to the craft of ensuring others’ comfort, and it shows. Her portfolio of investment properties has grown within the past few years, and have evaluated higher than they ever have been. She has an eye for finding the perfect place, making it beautiful with her designer touch, and showcasing the true potential of the space.
Her work stands out from the rest, and because of her watchful eye, seasoned decorators and real estate agents are impressed. While her talents truly speak for themselves, her skill deserves all the praise she’s received- and most likely, more.


Transitional Design with YOU in mind.

With inspiration from traveling all over the world.


Still Have Questions?

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We will be arranging consultations via Email & Zoom. 

Make sure to schedule on the “Contact” page, so that we can get your meeting put into our system and start preparing for the day!

I will be asking questions based on what YOU want, your style, and giving you a homework assignment. With a shared pinterest board of design and rooms that inspire you and your room’s measurements sent to me,  I will get to work and send you my ideas, a quick sketch up, and advice on what you can do to make your space feel stylishly luxurious.

Depending on the package you order, you may get a few versions in the mix, so that you can decide what works best for you!

Standard Package includes only one sketch up with a list of ideas we can discuss that may be interchangeable. Standard Packages also include two changes to the sketch up originally provided. 

If you would like to have more sketch ups given initially, please make sure to provide all requested information, and purchase the deluxe option.