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Passionate and beautiful work done by a bilingual designer in North Carolina.

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Ultimate interior design for our clients. Visit our store to see what we have in stock for you, and contact us if you wish to upgrade your living space!

Recent Projects

Renovations that add so much value

Designing for a budget in Large Cities

Houses in North Carolina

Designing for Vacation


By making sure to keep budget in mind, my designs reflect the clients’ essential needs. Whether it be a space to live in, vacation in or even film in, my designs truly stand out. With my transitional styling, I keep the client in mind.


Unique projects with an individual approach and attention to every detail. 

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A list provided to you to ensure your space falls within your budget and lifestyle.

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With the provided details of your space, a 3D Example of our plan for your space.

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As an interior designer, I have a unique creative vision of how your dream space will work the best for you. Learn more about what services I can provide to make your space truly feel like you’re on a luxurious vacation everyday.